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Who We Are

The Urban Partnership (UP) of Covington is a private sector economic development initiative created to cause these results:

– To attract and retain residents, businesses and entertainment establishments

– To allow the City of Covington to realize its potential for becoming the region’s most desirable location for those seeking an urban living and working environment

Services Provided

Safe & Clean: litter, weed and graffiti removal, special projects.
Educate and provide necessary aid for homes living under unsuitable pest problem conditions. Education is provided in person, or through the use of other mediums like the internet, telephone, social media, and other forms of communications.
Communication & Marketing: tactical initiatives involving key audiences such as property owners, the business and charitable communities,and media.


Report litter, weed, graffiti problems by calling 859-291-4333. We intend to remove graffiti within a 24-hour period after being notified. You can also call this number to suggest community-wide projects where our Safe & Clean crew can provide assistance. Please contact UP Executive Director with comments about the work of the Clean & Safe crew, director@covingtonup.com. We want your feedback. Pat can also assist if you would like to offer a donation.


We would like to thank our following partners for helping us make our mission possible.

Covington Urban Partnership Accomplishments

Weed Abatement

757 blocks

Graffiti Removed


Trash Removed

80,890 lbs

ATLV Hours

764 miles

Flower Watering

5,950 gallons


15,994 miles

Code Enforcement

51 forwarded

Pest Problems

46 homes aided

Total Labor Hours


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